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'Project Runway' Winner Awarded with 2007 SKY and $100k from Saturn

Review It Rate It congratulates Chloe Dao, fashion designer and winner of Project Runway season two.

Available SKY Accessories

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The following accessories are currently expected to be available for the Saturn SKY this year.

Blue Sky for GMs Saturn Division

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If you had told me a year or two ago that Saturn would be vying for best domestic nameplate on my personal pecking order, I'd have said you were crazy.

Build Your Own SKY

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Pick your favorite exterior color, interior color and material, and retailer accessories.

Delta Airlines Giving Away 25 SKYs

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Delta Airlines is giving away brand-new SKYs! The airline's SkyMiles program just turned 25 years old and to celebrate, Delta and Avis are giving away 25 Saturn SKY roadsters. You'll get one entry to win for every 1,000 miles you earn now through December 31, 2006. Sign up on Delta's website for your chance to win.

Drivers Reach for the Sky 9 out of 10 stars

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Saturn's Sky gets rave reviews from The Detroit News' Automotive Consumer Panel. "They have changed," says Nancy Helganz of Canton Township. "They aren't grandma's car anymore." The judgment of the hypercritical panel is that Saturn is the star of the 2005 Detroit auto show.

For Saturn, Sky's the Limit on Wait-Until-Next-Year Plea

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Saturn has begged people for so long to wait until next year for something good to happen that it should move its headquarters from Detroit to Wrigley Field.

From Lotus to…Saturn? Opel Plans Sky-based Speedster Replacement

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General Motors' Opel subsidiary here will partner with Saturn on a new two-seater aimed primarily at European enthusiasts. The successor to the Lotus-derived Speedster will be based on the upcoming Saturn Sky.

GM Announces Canadian Pricing for 2007 SKY Roadster

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General Motors of Canada recently announced pricing for the all-new 2007 Saturn SKY roadster.

GM Has High Hopes for Saturn SKY

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General Motors has high hopes for the Wilmington, Delaware-built 2007 Saturn SKY. The first SKYs are due to arrive in retailer showrooms within just a couple weeks. The company hopes the edgy roadster will have the same effect on Saturn that the Corvette has on the Chevrolet lineup.

GM Looks to the Sky

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GM hopes the Sky roadster will be to Saturn what Corvette is to Chevrolet. Saturn fan Web sites also are reeling with commentary on the Sky. Saturn enthusiasts on already are trading notes on test drives at the Boxwood Road plant, what to ask the dealer before you make a deposit, and what color -- silver pearl, black, white, red, blue -- best complements the car.

Mallett to Build 400hp V8 Saturn SKY 10 out of 10 stars

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Mallett Cars plans to build a high-performance version of the SKY, powered by a 400hp GM LS2 V8.

Most Retailers Charging MSRP as First SKYs Released for Shipment

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That's good news, especially since some retailers say their first SKYs have been released for shipment.

New Rings for Saturn

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Saturn's product revival took shape as the General Motors Division revealed its Aura sedan and Sky roadster for the first time.
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