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December 4 1996: Saturn Delivers GM EV1 Electric Car New Link

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Darryl Siry from Wireed: The GM EV1 was an electric vehicle that was a technical triumph for the time. It generated passion-fueled controversy that still reverberates today. The technological innovations of the EV1 went well beyond the battery pack, inverter and AC induction motor that propelled the car without using any gasoline. The lead-acid battery pack could store only 17 kilowatt-hours for the first generation, roughly equivalent to half a gallon of gasoline. As a result, GM engineers had ...

Reatiler Modified Cars 5 out of 10 stars Cool Link

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Pictures of modified Saturns prepared by retailers.

2006 Model Information

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The 2006 model year will be a transition year of sorts for Saturn, as we await the addition of three all-new models in 2007. While there are no major new product announcements this year, Saturn stays true to its "continuous improvement" philosophy with a healthy dose of improvements for each of brand's three models.

2006 Saturn Vehicles Offer Lower Prices, More Features

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Saturn provides additional value for 2006 by lowering sticker prices and adding content.

2008 Lineup Continues Saturn's Transformation

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GM's youngest division has been transformed from a purveyor of so-so family sedans to one of the sexiest, highest quality, most outrageously gorgeous products around. And guess what? There's more to come. Nothing in Saturn's lineup, as of this model year, will be older than two years old, and I can't think of any car company in the universe that can make that claim.

Building A Better Saturn

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Designing world-class cars is not easy feat. Saturn works hard to keep its cars at the head of its class. How do they do it? To start, Saturn has a deep understanding of their customers.

Customers Inspired Saturn Relay's Design

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The design of the new Saturn Relay crossover sport van (CSV) is entirely new, inspired by customers' desire for the functionality of a van and the appearance of an SUV.

Did Saturn Move Up Market too Fast?

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Jerry Flint from Forbes: Saturn probably had the latest and best lineup of any GM brand: two well-done SUVs, the Outlook and the Vue, the handsome Aura sedan, a sister of the Chevy Malibu, the European built-small Astra car, and even a two-seat sports car, the Sky. But sales went nowhere. GM had said it will kill the brand, but now hopes to sell the name to Roger Penske. Why did Saturn fail despite a decent product lineup? I would say because they went “upscale.” Saturn was created as a low-...

GM Doesn't Take Back Seat to Imports in Fuel Economy

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Among Saturn vehicles, the Aura midsize sedan (built on the same chassis as the Malibu) is rated at 22 city/30 mpg highway with the four-cylinder engine and four-speed automatic; the Astra five-door and three-door models with automatic have a 30 mpg highway rating, 32 with the manual); the Aura hybrid, like its Malibu counterpart, has a 32 mpg highway rating, as does the Vue Green Line compact crossover utility vehicle.

GM Mobility's Sit-N-Lift Power Seat 1 out of 10 stars

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he Sit-N-Lift power seat is for people on the go who transport passengers needing easier access to enter or exit a vehicle. Operated by a hand-held remote control, this unique seat base provides convenient access to the right-hand second-row seat.

Historic Saturn, GM Vehicles Sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction Earlier this Month

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Mark Vaughn from AutoWeek: More than 200 cars from GM's Heritage Fleet went on the block in what GM called normal housekeeping. Note that's the Heritage Fleet, which is different from the Heritage Collection. The latter has about 350 cars. "The Heritage Collection is sacred, a critical part of the history of GM," said Brian Baker, collection manager and design historian. The fleet, on the other hand, is made up of about 1,000 cars and trucks from throughout GM's history that the company has on h...

If Ever There was a Car Company Living the Cinderella Story, It's Saturn

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From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: After years of having a lineup that included cars so mediocre that Saturn was consigned to forlornly sitting by the automotive industry "fireplace" dreaming of the big dance, while the competition went to the ball and gathered admirers. Not any more. Thanks a completely new, glittery, glamorous lineup - the oldest of which was introduced only two short years ago - Saturn is now the belle of the ball. Car writers laud them, customers love them, and the cash regis...

Relay Interior Elegant and Versatile

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The interior designs of the Saturn Relay provides the elegance and versatility customers expect from well-designed vehicles.

Relay is Next Step in Saturn's Drive to Grow Brand 10 out of 10 stars

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With the addition of the 2005 RELAY, Saturn continues to grow its brand while maintaining its focus on bringing incremental business to General Motors.

Relay Offers Power, Comfort, Control, and Stability

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The 2005 Saturn Relay crossover sport van (CSV) has all the power, security, comfort and control that define leadership in the expanding crossover vehicle segment.
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