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Weidel on the 2008 Saturn Sky Red Line (Visit this link)

From Needing a little "bling" in its lineup, Saturn finally convinced parent company General Motors a sports car could elicit positive results. The American car-buying public has a fascination for convertibles. They represent a vehicle most people feel they want, yet can't justify the purchase, simply because in most cases they're impractical. Overall, Saturn's first entry into the convertible world has received positive marks for handling, appearance and price. The attractive Sky has a wide stance, curvy edges and a slim front grille that sits high enough so there are no worries about scraping it against a curb. My first encounter with the Sky came a year ago when I drove the distinctive yellow-colored, two-seat roadster. It was too eye-catching for my tastes. For my week with the 2008 model, a less distinctive silver model was more to my liking.

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