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Changes for 2006

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Chart the changes and see what's new with Saturn's Relay crossover sport van for 2006.

Engine Options Provide Responsive Performance

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The 2006 Saturn Relay provides more power and control for 2006, thanks to a new 3.9L V6 engine.

Interior Refinements for 2006

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The Relay's interior styling is refined and upscale, with close attention paid to fit and finish.

Plenty of Entertainment Choices for 2006

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The Relay is distinguished by its wide choice of passenger entertainment systems.

Relay Base Prices Lowered

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The '06 Relay base prices have been reduced to help spur sales and create an even better value.

Safety Before, During and After a Crash

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Saturn has always believed that safety isn't just for customers who can afford a luxury vehicle.

Saturn Adjusts Relay Pricing

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GM today announced that it was lowering the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices (MSRPs) for many of its models. This is the next step in GM's initiative to simplify pricing and offer consumers the best value in the industry. Among Saturn models, only Relay pricing was adjusted.

SUV Looks with Van Convenience

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The Relay's exterior combines clean and contemporary design with a sturdy, SUV-like stance. Wide, prominent, exposed C-pillars an SUV styling cue reinforce the Relay's strong yet refined look.