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2007 Aura XR Gives New Hope to Saturn

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The seats are comfortable (and heated, to boot, which my wife Robin really liked) and everything is within easy reach. The center stack, which houses the stereo and air conditioner (or, in the case of the XR, automatic climate control) is nicely arranged. And the quality of the plastics and fabrics is much better than in past Saturns. My kids gave a thumbs-up to the back seat, and I too found it roomy and comfortable, though taller occupants will have to watch their head on the Aura's low roofli...

Mars. Venus. Saturn?

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My husband says the less expensive Saturn Aura is actually better than the Toyota Camry. He's been pushing Saturns for years now, and since we're now approaching new-car shopping time, I think he's zeroed in on the Aura model for some reason and is probably exaggerating. What's your thought?

Motor Trend Midsize Hybrid Comparison

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Most of us actually live our lives month to month, right? Yes, everybody's hand is raised. All right, then, if you make some typical assumptions about car loans (five years), interest rates (7.95 percent), sales tax (6.8 percent), license fees (1.25 percent), and down payments ($2500), plus whatever specific tax credit the cars are entitled to (and you're entitled to-watch out for that alternative minimum tax thing) the rosiest month-to-month scenario looks like this: Each month, your Camry's Hy...

New Saturn Exudes a Sophisticated Aura

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The AURA XR can put on some significant steam: 0-60 mph trips by in the mid-six seconds. And there's no brake-throttle trick to it, just stand on gas. Shod with the 50-series Pirellis, the front-drive XR can put down nearly as much torque as it can make without chattering the traction control. Green means go. The low-speed punch is welcome, but it's the car's mid-throttle verve that makes it fun to drive -- and, God help me, it is fun to drive. There's plenty of torque in the lower registers of ...

Saturn Aura Canadian Speedo

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Video of switching the Aura's speedometer and trip computer from English to metric units.

Saturn Aura Hybrid: Go Green Without Going into the Red

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When the folks at GM offered to let us test-drive a Saturn Aura Green line Hybrid, we were quite intrigued. I knew that Saturn had introduced four new cars within the past year and were competitive enough to tangle with the segment leaders, the Accord and the Camry, and have a stylish exterior to boot.

Saturn's Hybrid Thrifty Aura

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With a base price of $22,045, the 2007 Saturn Aura is the lowest-cost hybrid mid-sized sedan available in today's marketplace. Having won numerous awards, the Aura represents a big improvement for automaker General Motors. A relative newcomer compared to hybrid competitors, the Aura has a crisp and clean exterior and adult features that should be attractive to hybrid-car buyers.