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2001 SEMA Photos 5 out of 10 stars Cool Link

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See pictures of the Fox Marketing SC, the 300-hp Saturn SCX, and some modified VUEs.

Mods and Performance Forum Cool Link

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Discuss ways to personalize your car with aftermarket parts.

Saturn Race Cars 9 out of 10 stars Cool Link

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Peruse photos of various Saturn race cars.

Sometimes You Can Get Additional Performance for Free 6 out of 10 stars Cool Link

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Probably the most often-asked question that we receive at SPS is "what can I do for free to improve the performance of my Saturn?"

2002 SEMA: GM's Massive Outing

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Has SEMA been conquered? From the vast display of GM vehicles both from the company and from allied tuners, one might be led to believe it's at least had a flag or two planted in its backside. This year's display of 39 vehicles from General Motors made the company's latest credo plainly clear the company intends to become the platform of choice for tuners and aftermarket modifiers.

Ford, Chrysler, GM Have Plans to Tune In

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In the 1950s and 1960s, Detroit automakers owned the youth market. In the 1950s, they built cars that could be easily converted into hot rods. In the 1960s, they produced muscle cars that kids dreamed of owning if they couldn't actually buy one.

Fuel Delivery Within A High Performance Saturn Motor 3 out of 10 stars

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While most enthusiasts clearly understand the need to increase airflow in order to get more power, few understand the role of fuel and how fuel delivery is controlled in a modern motor.

GM Attempts Land Speed Record in Saturn ION Red Line

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To prove the performance capability of its new ION Red Line Coupe, Saturn will attempt to set a land speed record at one of the most challenging racing environments on earth -- the Bonneville Salt Flats.

GM Committed to Performance, Youth Market

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Whether you're looking for factory-finished performance or a great canvas to create your own tuner, General Motors is offering a variety of vehicles and performance parts for the youth market.

GM Eyes Performance

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By mid-decade, General Motors will be back in the performance business. Not since the 1960s has GM offered such a wide range of performance models. But while performance in the '60s centered on horsepower, the new performance models will include big boosts in horsepower, along with braking, handling and sometimes steering enhancements.

GM Plans to Bring Back the 'Go' With its Version of a Special Vehicles Team

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Corvette aside, it's been some years since performance products offered by General Motors stirred the blood of the average car enthusiast.

GM Rolls Out High Performance Products at 2002 SEMA Show

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High-performance variants of GM cars and trucks will headline the GM display at the 2002 SEMA show.

GM Tunes Up For Its Largest Presence At 2001 SEMA Show

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Look for a turbocharged 300-horsepower SCX that will push performance and appearance limits with ground effects and a dramatic paint scheme that transitions from bright yellow to red.

GM Unveils Specialty Cars, Trucks at SEMA Trade Show

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Saturn will tempt the hottest custom market of all, that of tuner compacts, with its supercharged, roughly 200-horsepower Ion tuner coupe beginning in early 2004. The Ion will also have to earn its stripes in a class of high-powered compact cars monopolized by Japanese makes.

GM Wooing the SEMA Crowd

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Making and marketing the gotta-have, go-fast stuff is becoming bigger business at General Motors.
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