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Jalopnik Drives the 2009 Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid (Visit this link)

The Vue 2 Mode differs from the Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid in that it pairs a two-mode hybrid powertrain with a V6 engine. It can be considered a strong hybrid because it's capable of running on the batteries alone, the engine alone or the two together. The regular Green Line can't do that. It uses its batteries to provide a boost to performance only, but can't actually run on straight electric. The 2 Mode system is also different from the Hybrid system you find in the Toyota Prius. Just like the name suggests, it has two modes of hybrid operation. This enables the Vue to get greater fuel economy on the highway than it does in the city, something that can't be said of the Prius or its kin, which reach peak efficiency at around 45 MPH.

Visit this Link for the Full Story.

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