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Part 2 of Jalopnik Saturn Vue Hybrid Review (Visit this link)

It may still be a straightforward compact SUV, but thanks to the Opelization of Saturn, the 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line Hybrid looks far better than its predecessor — with a more refined, European styling direction than its competitors, particularly the block-like Ford Escape. The rubber fits the wheel wells, all the handles feel solid and even the hybrid badges, which use the same circuit board motif as those found on other, more-garishly festooned GM hybrids, are in-proportion and appropriately used — just three on the entire exterior surface. The Vue's interior comes across as much more upscale than its price would suggest. Soft-touch plastics and brushed aluminum trim abound. Everything has a solid, quality feel to it. Two significant problems remain: First, the trim piece on the lower half of the steering wheel has a raised ridge that cuts into the hand; while this is a small detail, it makes a huge difference while driving, as any attempt to hold the wheel from the bottom is met with discomfort and potential blood loss. Second, the sloped-in rear roofline cuts significantly into rear cargo room.

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