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Saturn Vue Hybrid Has a Lot to Offer (Visit this link)

The Saturn Vue Hybrid is a good choice for a family vehicle that balances fuel economy and utility. This five-passenger, "one mode" hybrid shuts off the four-cylinder gasoline engine at traffic stops, gives a boost of power on acceleration through electric motors and uses regenerative braking to channel kinetic energy back to the hybrid battery. But it can't be driven under battery power alone. This generation of the Vue is a vast improvement over earlier ones. The cabin is comfortable, with durable fabric, simple layout of controls and good-quality assembly. I like the one-mode Vue for its simplicity. It should be low maintenance for long-haul ownership. The hybrid components and 36-volt battery pack have warranties for eight years or 100,000 miles. And, as always, the Vue has Saturn's 30-day or 1,500-mile vehicle exchange policy. There's something reassuring about checking the onboard computer and seeing 460 miles until empty, or more with a full 19-gallon tank.

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