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Road-Tripping in Style in the 2008 Saturn Outlook (Visit this link)

Our Outlook had a video screen and DVD player, but lacked built in channels which was fine by me. I didn't need my kids watching 14 hours of brain melting TV during our trip. I realize that children don't enjoy the beauty of wide-open spaces the same way adults do, but I think there is something to feeling the miles and sensing the size of our country, even if it means someone asking are we there yet? every 5 minutes. It was, they enjoyed watching the movies we brought along and I enjoyed that they could pick up the sound on wireless headsets while we continued to listen to our own music up front. Best of all, each boy had his own row. That meant a 28-hour round-trip car ride with almost no fighting, whining children. Priceless. The car has great safety features like side curtain airbags, a rear camera to avoid backing into people or things, and conveniences like 2.3 cup holders per passenger. I was nervous about driving such a beastly vehicle, but it handled as well as any minivan I'd driven. And all of our luggage fit inside. And did I mention the part about my boys not fighting?

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