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Agency Examing Scope of Saturn Recall 4 out of 10 stars

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Federal regulators are investigating whether a recall of 136,300 Saturn vehicles with faulty seat recliners is broad enough to include all potentially defective vehicles.

Ford, GM Vehicles Recalled Over Seatbelt Latches

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GM models include 9,800 Saturn L-Series vehicles.

GM Agrees to Pay Saturn Owners for Transmission Defects

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General Motors Corp. has agreed to pay an estimated $90 million or more to "tens of thousands" of motorists in all 50 states for expenses they incurred as a result of defective transmissions in more than 90,000 Saturn economy cars. The agreement by the manufacturing giant, if ultimately approved by a Sacramento federal judge, would resolve a class-action lawsuit targeting certain models of four-cylinder Saturn Vues and Ions. They are equipped with "VTi" transmissions. Unlike a conventional autom...

Safety Problems & Issues 10 out of 10 stars

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This page lists search engines which retrieve information from the available NHTSA Database Files from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Saturn Recalling Nearly 300,000 L-Series Cars

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The company is recalling 291,652 Saturn L-Series sedans and wagons because of defective tail lights.

Saturn Recalls 4-Cylinder L-Series Models 6 out of 10 stars

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General Motors is recalling about 254,000 model year 2000-03 Saturn L-Series cars equipped with 2.2 liter engines.

Some 4-Cylinder L-Series Cars Recalled 1 out of 10 stars

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SaturnFans has learned that Saturn Corporation is recalling nearly 5,000 2000 model L-Series cars with the 2.2 (L61) 4-cylinder motors for possible engine replacement.