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Going Green at Lansing Saturn (Visit this link)

When rain falls upon the Lansing, Michigan, plant where Saturn builds one of its models, they do something pretty noteworthy with the rainwater. They recycle it. Jill Lajdziak is rather proud. As the general manager and top executive of General Motors' Saturn division, she cites the recycling as an important example — but just one — of the company's overall approach to sustainability. "We walk the talk," she says. "I think you build trust in the consumer's mind when you do that, and this brand has always done that. It's one thing to put green technology into your product," Lajdziak says. "It's another to also focus on the other elements that define green. I think today's consumer wants to buy from a company that thinks about environmental friendliness a little bit more holistically."

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But how? 1 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Wei, Apr 9 2008 9:29AM

Towards what purpose is the recycled rainwater used for? The actual article goes into little depth.
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