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2002 VUE 2.2L
Default Mod list for the m90 redline

To start off: No there is no tuning solution for this car at the moment. There most likely will never be one unless we use an apexi neo or some other piggyback.

2004 awd redline 245k miles
-J37A4 cylinder heads from a 2009 Acura RL (Intake and Exhaust VTEC)
-J37A4 lower intake runners
-J37A1 fuel injectors w/c harness clips from a 2013 Acura MDX
-RV6 pre cat deletes and j pipe for the 2.5 gen 3.7 MDX (2.5 inch primaries into 3 inch)
-Custom 3 inch stainless exhaust two resonators and a muffler from the J pipe back
-P2R manual timing belt tensioner
-Racing timing belt good for prolonged high rpm
-Shimmed oil pump to provide more oil for the extra rockers in the heads
-ported stock plenum with throttle body block off plate and adapter plate on top for the m90
-Welded some vacuum ports on the plenum that are not going to be used
-Obviously coolant bypass from the throttle body (Day 1 of owning car)
-Crank case vented to atmosphere (Both valve covers)
-Pinned rear differential coupler (Full time engagement)
-Gen 3 M90 blower (stock pulley) cleaned up casting on intake
-Ported stock throttle body with adapter plate to bolt onto blower
-Map sensor port block off on throttle body; Map after blower now
-Giant hole in hood because the blower wont fit under it
-Secondary o2 extenders to pass emissions without cats
-2.2 base radiator w/o trans cooler
-Aftermarket trans cooler in front of condenser
-Custom wire harness for new injector clips, new ignition coil clips, extended iat temp sensor wiring, extended throttle body wiring
-installed vacuum powered boost gauge
-Installed AEM wideband air fuel sensor

There may be more but that is all i can think of at the moment

Now for the details on how it runs:

With intake and exhaust upgrades WITHOUT blower on STOCK injectors, it tends to run lean. J37A1 injectors will give you a rich code if you don't have boost at wide open throttle. The ecu can compensate yes but only to a certain extent. There are obviously lots of variables to take into consideration but this is just my experience with this particular build. Currently the Map sensor is after the blower so yes it sees boost. No it cannot read boost but in my case it just maxes out at the 5 volt reference and works just fine and the fuel correction in closed loop will make up for the rest. No i don't have any check engine lights from the map hitting it's 5 volt reference. Currently my intake temperature is about 30ish degrees above ambient after the blower. I always run 93 octane to prevent pre ignition. So far so good. No pre ignition. The blower is currently pushing about 4-5 psi at full throttle; well below what it is rated but this is only because of the difference in size of crank pulleys on the 3800 and the j35. Currently at that amount of boost, at full throttle, my afrs are around 11:1 - 12:1. any leaner than that and the car will retard the timing. The stock injectors can add some fuel but the ecu has a hard time adding so much fuel that it starts to lean out as you go into boost. It is easier for the ecu to remove fuel from the fuel trims than add fuel from what I've seen so far. I am not sure how I have no check engine lights, or drive-ability issues but there are none. I pass emissions with no issue. Trans will hold the power easily, just keep the fluid cool and change it at a regular interval. I've got the original transmission at 245k miles. Short block has the same mileage as well. Cylinder heads have about 50K miles. I only put the cylinder heads on the car because I wanted the intake and exhaust vtec, there a was nothing wrong with the original heads. They've been on for about 5 years now. I will update this thread with a youtube link once i upload a video that shows everything I described. I may also get a dyno reading in the near future as well. Car is considerably faster now, maybe 13 second 1/4? Not quite sure. It was never really about how fast it was, it was just about proving it can be done. I'll be happy to answer as many questions as possible.
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2005 VUE Red Line
Default Re: Mod list for the m90 redline

Hell ya sounds good looking forward to the update
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awd, mods, performance, redline

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