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1992 SL1
Default Ignition, fuel, anything?

Hey everyone I've got a problem with my Saturn. It's a '92 SL1 with the typical 1.9L SOHC. I bought it a few years ago with the intentions of fixing the problem and selling it. Since then I have really grown fond of the car and now have this crazy idea of what I want to do to it. The only problem is NOW it has some driveability concerns.

It all started just going down the road, typical 30mph cruise headed home from work. I came to a stop sign, went to take off and it started cutting out. Almost like a distributor cap had lost its vacuum advance and retarded itself at the same time! We all know these are ran by coil and ignition module so its a no brainer that it can't be a distributor. I started off by doing a decent tune up to my over achieving standards...
Head Gasket
Valve Guides
Check Cam Bearing Clearance
Check Piston Bores
Head Bolts
Timing Chain and all other timing components
Plug Wires
Fuel Filter
And perhaps a few more things that I may be forgetting.

My problem still exists. Now it's started idling extremely high. (Almost 4k rpms sometimes) I really don't have the tools to do any further testing but I really am just seeking some directional help. I've heard of the ICM giving people problems before but I'm not about to blow $150 on one to 'try' to fix a problem. The high idle could be anything from a vacuum leak to an intake leak but I've checked all of my vacuum lines and none of them are leaking (all replaced in tune up) and the intake bolts were torqued to spec when the head was off and out of the car. I examined the valves and cleaned the combustion chambers to the best of my abilities when it was off and I didn't see anything such as cracking on the head or bent valves. My other thought to the high idle was the MAP sensor that's on the valve cover? I think it's a MAP but I am not absolutely positive.

The overall problems to list them as easily as I can:

CEL on - I don't remember the flash code but I'll get it up when I can run it again

High Idle - The idle will vary. Constantly. I'll start it first thing in the morning and it will be at 900-1200. Then after I put it in gear and open the throttle a little it's over. 2k-4k sometimes. Will clear up if I turn the key off and back on while driving down the road. Throwing it into open loop right?

Sputter/Misfire - I can go to take off, 1/4 throttle to WOT and it will kick, sputter, misfire, and sometimes even die. After it gets past around 1400 rpm under WOT it clears up, but is still awful sluggish. It will kick and spit all the way until I cruise at 55mph under anything but WOT. I haven't dare tried that in awhile, but I can bet it will still do it.

Shifting - My AT will shift as it wants to sometimes. Some days or even hours it will shift normally, other times it will hold second gear at almost 3krpm and not shift. When it does shift occasionally it will bog WAY down in the rpms and downshift, get up to its acceptable speed, then upshift into it's appropriate gear.

I know it's a lot to take in and read but we all understand passions for our cars. Once the picture was created in my head for my car, I couldn't let it go. (for those of you thinking, no it's not going to be some riced out fart can) I would love to get some good honest answers, or even a good job for my effort it would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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1992 SL1
Default Re: Ignition, fuel, anything?

Just went for a little drive and got my flash codes. Also realized that I forgot to mention the CEL turns off every now and then while I'm driving. All aforementioned conditions still exist.

12 - Diagnostic check only

15 - Coolant Sensor/ Low Temperature

26 - Quad driver output fail

32 - EGR system fault

45 - O2 sensor indicates rich condition
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