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Default UN-Modded :) 2006 Ion-2 throwing P0171

Started last night and today the car bucked as I tried to pass on the freeway. Not too happy with that! The car is out of warranty (50K miles, although 2 years old). Had it scanned and P0171 came back.

Incidentally, OnStar is useless. They didn't even give me the scan code when I asked.

The car seems OK unless you push it. Doubt an oxygen sensor, but possibly vaccuum problem? Clues?

Not too happy since two weeks ago I put $400 into "collapsed' control arm bushings! This is my fourth Saturn, and the first to give problems!
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2006 ION-2 Sedan
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Default Re: UN-Modded :) 2006 Ion-2 throwing P0171

Have you looked up P0171? What does that tell you?

Is the Service engine Soon light on constantly?
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Default Re: UN-Modded :) 2006 Ion-2 throwing P0171

P0171 according to the Autozone printout means;

Definition; Fuel Trim bank one condition

The computer has recognized a rich or lean condition on one engine bank only.

What is an engine bank? Is that what they're calling cylinders these days?

Probably causes;

1) If bank one and bank two codes set together suspect fuel pressure or MAF. (that doesn't seem to be the case - only one code)
2) Oxygen sensor defective
3) Ignition misfire - repair.
4) Fuel injector problem.

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2006 ION-2 Sedan
Default Re: UN-Modded :) 2006 Ion-2 throwing P0171

Make sure your oil cap is on tight and your dipstick is seated fully. I know it sounds strange, but the ecotec does not use a pcv valve, it purges crankcase pressure internally. If you open the oil cap while the engine is running you will notice the idle fluctuate and you will also hear a sucking sound from the open fill hole. I know this because I just did that the other day and stored the same P0171 code, which is a lean code. Opening the oil cap on a system like this is the same as having a vacuum leak, which would lean out the mix. It could be a bad seal on the cap or stick leaking air also.

And yes the cylinder head would be the equivalent to a bank of cylinders. Obviously on an inline engine there is only one cylinder bank, a V engine would have two banks.
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