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Default cooling system and stuck gears

I have been reading through the forums here for a couple of months, and its about time I post something. First let me start off by saying that my 95' SC2 was nearly a horror story, the day I bought it I stalled on the expressway and just about every code was popping up, also I found out it was not a 100k car, but a 200k+ as carfax said the odometer was rolled to 0 at the first 100k. So I will be starting a few threads as I get around to things I have problems with that I haven't been able to fix.

My problem today is as follows: Last night I go to change my theristat, get the new (non OEM) 195 one in there, close it up and go to flush the system. I figure I don't have to do too good a job because I just had the system powerflushed 2 weeks ago, anyway the overflow tank fills up, and the water isn't going anywhere, so I start pulling off hoses and what do I find, but a ball of some cotton like substance stuck in the line below the tank, This stuff was everywhere in the sytem, I pulled out all of the hoses and the tank and cleaned them, the tank had a glittery substance in the bottom, like extreamly fine metal shavings, but they felt smooth and didn't cut me when I rubbed them in my fingers. There was also a considerable amount of mud in there. So I put it back together and flush, when I put the 10mm bolt back in the bottom, I find that someone had forced it in at one point and bored out the hole a little, so it wouldn't go straight back in without a fight, I have it in half-way right now, I know not to force it because it is going into alluminum. so...

1. Was this cotton stuff supposed to be in there? What could it be from?
2. What is this sparkly stuff? I'm thinking maybe an additive to help seal?
3. Should I go yell at the guy who did a powerflush, all this garbage in my system, and the coolant is a muddy dark green after 2 weeks.
4. What do I do about the 10mm bolt, the hardware is fine, but if I put it in, it gets stuck and I pull it out, there is metal shavings in the threads, is there a way to get it up in the original path into the block?

Also, When I was all done with this, I started it up and my SES light was off (YES!!) and the thing drove beautifully for about 10 miles, the temp gage got to about half, whereas before it would sit just below this maybe at a third, but the SES came back on, and I started getting stuck in lower gears (this happens when my car is above the 1/3 line, so i usually blast the air anytime I stop or am stuck in traffic) I think it could be my PCM, because of the fact that almost every code in the book poped up the first time my mechanic looked at it, and the trans codes came back speradicly, and it was blowing a 10amp fuse (can't remember wich) in the underhood fusebox everytime I reved the engine too high.

Tomorrow I will do a MMO soak (couldn't find it so I have seafoam, will try AutoZone tonight tho), PVC valve replace, and clean the (EGR?). Also have the Rotella diesel oil (she burns a ton of oil). Thanks to anyone who adds there 2 cents, sorry for the long post, I have so much I need to fix.
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