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2001 SC2
Default 2001 sc2 1st of many problems .. Battery shorted out

So, I deliver for a pizza shop, not really relevant but tells you, I drive quite a bit... one day leaving shop, car almost didn't turn over, but was clicking, then engaged... did a delivery, came back to shop.. next time I tried to go out, had no electric, no starter click. Noticed that the air filter box clip had to have touched the positive battery wire and shorted out.. I put a piece of cardboard in between to prevent it from happening again... started fine, but wanted to stall at every stop sign and red light the whole rest of the day. The "service" light that has always been on since I bought the car last September went away for about an hour, but came back. Also the airbag light and rear defrost light came on at the same time, and have stayed on.. it's been almost 7 days. Mind you, my rear defrost isn't operating because the rear passenger side tab let loose from the solder months ago. Pressing the defrost button doesn't turn the light off. The idle in drive while at a stop corrected itself for the most part. If I'm at a stand still for .. idk more than 45 seconds, the oil light comes on and it bogs down and stalls the engine.. if I'm quick enough, I can pop into neutral and keep it revved until I can move. ( when I first bought the car, it had a high idle rpm and stall issues. I took apart and cleaned throttle body and tps and the other sensor in the throttle body.. helped immensely. Also cleaned as much carbon out of under the throttle body and the stainless tube going into the manifold. Checked voltages and for vacuum leaks, everything was "fine" until this issue)

Anyways.. wondering how to get defrost and airbag lights off... thinking it's a blown a fuse or relay? Oh also, when I turn off car with headlights on, it doesn't make the dinging noise anymore to tell you the lights are on.... almost drained battery the other day because of it.

Any help/ideas would be immensly appreciated..
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2000 SL1
Default Re: 2001 sc2 1st of many problems .. Battery shorted out

I'm gonna ask a dumb question, so don't take it the wrong way.

Did you check to make sure your battery terminals are tight?

I ask because I had a nearly identical issue when I first got my car and did some work on it. Had the battery, tray, airbox and other misc. things out so I could replace the engine mount on that side.

Put everything back together and for the next two days I was fighting with what I thought was a dead battery or dying alternator. Come to find out that even though I tightened the negative terminal, I didn't tighten it ENOUGH.

Before I figured it out, I was getting all sorts of lights turning on and off at random, car wouldn't start, starter would sometimes click, other times nothing at all. Chimes would work on and off, etc. Other times everything worked fine.

The GM terminals are one of the worst battery terminal designs and it's not uncommon for them to cause all sorts of issues, even when you think they're tight.

I'm a little skeptical of the airbox clip causing an issue because between the clip and the bolts that hold it down, it's all plastic. The clip would have to have metal connecting it to the frame of the car (or anywhere else metal). Not saying it's impossible, but very highly unlikely.

The other thing you might check are ground straps, you might have a loose or just plain bad one. Three of which I know off the top of my head without the diagram (at least for my car) are located on the passenger side motor mount to a ground next to the water bottles. Second is a ground on the driver side behind the battery and grounds to the body near the shock tower. There's a third one that's harder to find, you have to take the stereo out and it's attached to the back to a metal frame that supports the upper console.

You may even have a failing alternator. I had a Grand Prix that did something similar, it struggled to run and some days it was ok, had the alternator tested and it wasn't putting out the full voltage it should.

If you want a cheap, quick test, go and get yourself a volt meter that plugs into the cigarette outlet. They aren't 100% fool proof, but it'll at least give you some indication if you're getting a full 13-14v charge while it's running.

Other than that, not sure without being able to diagnose it further, but start with those simple things, it could just be a loose battery terminal and it'll solve all the problems
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Default Re: 2001 sc2 1st of many problems .. Battery shorted out

I concur with CuJoe-- The issue was not caused by the airfilter clip
causing 'short'...

I also agree that it might be useful to clean grounds in the engine bay.
In New England, good chance your forward headlamp & air pump
ground pak (on psgr side frame extension, between headlamp and air pump)
has internal corrosion, which eventually causes air pump to cease ops
due to lost ground connexion.

Also observe, that sometimes the battery cables, themselves, deteriorate
inside the insulation, typically near the large eyelet terminal(s).
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airbag light, battery short, defrost light, stalling at stops

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