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Sad praying to the saturn gods. uncurse my car

my problems are of the transmission

I bought a 2009 aura xe 2.4 6sp. it had a shutter/skip to it in 1st and second gear. would engage third if reved up hard and then shifted to drive....sad and dickish to do I know......reverse worked but skipped....the day I bought the car the previous owner decided to take around the block one last time while car was not warm....and destroyed reverse.

I automatically assumed wave plate.

before dissembling the transmission (I rebuilt on 3sp auto before...this was a lot different) I drove a little hard around back to the garage. and it all failed when I got to the garage. I let it cool down and It did pull the rest of the way in the garage. I drove it home and moved it around a few times but not much before removing the trans.

needless to say after I removed the trans and disassembled to see what I needed and I quickly found out how complex this thing was. I took it apart the wrong way but carefully. I found a broken wave plate. 2 broken snap rings. a few burrs here and there. and 2 damaged plates. and stock transmission fluid at 177k.

next I tried to find parts...not easy. it took 2 months to get everything. it sat in the corner of my shop while I rebuilt another 2 cars until all the parts finally arrived. a few parts had light burrs on them from the snap rings flying thru the transmission. I shaved them clean and inspected every inch of this thing. I feel like everything inside is good. I replaced the filter too.

at the time I took the trans apart to learn a little. but then I realized it was a few parts and maybe 100$ I tried a cheapo rebuild. I got the car dirt cheap so I had nothing to really loose. and I was looking at 1000 for a trans that was a few hundred miles away.

all done all together...I thought the whole time putting together if anything is wrong it would be the piston seal I replaced....or maybe I damaged the sensor block gasket thing. but again....just 100 bucks and labor and fluids. I was weary because I left the trans sitting in the corner for 2months while a lot was going on around it.

I ran thru all gears a few times before even moving the car. I can hear it shift ever gear as it should. backed out of the garage and I was like....**** yes!!! if you recall reverse had previously failed. shifted to drive...I can feel the motor move and transmission engage...take my foot off pedal and it drifts backwards....with slight force pushing it from the transmission.

the car does not go forward. you can feel a shudder of an attempt to go forward if its in m2. all other gears you can feel trans putting light force in reverse.

example... you shift to neutral. you can hear trans engage all gears. in neutral it feels like reverse...with that slight urge you get from an auto without you foot on the break. its hard to expain so this is long. all gears feel this way. as if its in reverse. but if you accelarte you just rev and continue to slightly coast backwards on a flat surface. m2 will on stutter for a second and nudge you maybe 2 ft before become a reverse with a nudge.

heres the kicker... if in neutral and running you cannot push the car. period. it has the reverse "force" and will not budge. shut the car off and it pushes like normal.

I have checked the fluid.

could this be a programming issue? I was told by an older moron that worked for a dealer "in the day" it needs programmed. I never heard much of reprogramming a trans to work because you rebuilt the trans.
maybe to slightly improve shift points or gas mileage on a car but this one seems to far fetched. its a $150 to have it programmed hit or miss.

I as of yesterday found a trans in a wreck at the local upull. its 115$

I also adjusted the shift cable as you normally would to adjust the neutral safety switch when doing an automatic trans.

what would you do?

also if I use the jy trans does it have to be reprogrammed.

wtf does the programming do. is it mpg and performance based. or is it more of you gotta tell your car it has gears again.

my fear...even tho its a the wave plate will fail. and the back of the trans at the jy may be cracked. I have to take a better look tomorrow. I found it as soon as it started poring rain as I was running out trying not to get wet. they had it listed as an acura.

there was no codes after the rebuild. I am under the impression that a bad trans would throw a code if its that advanced.

I would like to add that I am a pretty good mechanic. I have done many motor and trans. swaps removals conversions. timing built 2 custom motors. I have a vast knowledge. but I had to put this thing together 2months after I took apart. and the blow outs from the dealer were garbage. I found one youtube video in another lanquage that was extremely visually detailed and it ran on repeat until I was sure I had it right. lmao....there was no extra parts.
it does not make any funny sounds while running. you can hear it shift with the shifter and feel ever shift engage as it should with no funny sounds.

6t40 trans.
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Default Re: praying to the saturn gods. uncurse my car

I guess my question is....does it need programmed or does it need a transmission.

if it does need a transmission will it need programmed.

does the program affect its abilty to move complety or just perform/shift better.
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Default Re: praying to the saturn gods. uncurse my car

I don't know enough about xmissions to comment and your tear down without service manuals may be a hindrance to troubleshooting. At the least, subscribing to alldata or Mitchell online for service manual access may be the best investment for all the info you'll need.

A simple guess may be low fluid, a faulty line pressure solenoid, even repairing incorrectly - misplacing parts or misadjustment during repairs. Electronically, reprogramming the xmission control module is only necessary if a service bulletin calls for it otherwise its a 50/50 chance reprogramming won't help here (my guess). As you found out, these xmissions use electronics to control shifts. While the wave plate failures are known and repairs are straight forward, there may be other issues associated with wave plate failure (search for threads here about them) as well as a possibility that your xmission may not have this issue and something else went wrong. As with EFI systems, there are many problems that are never detected by the engine computer to turn on the cel or have error codes. The same can be said for xmission issues never turning the cel and not having any error codes. Experienced xmission experts may be the only ones to know the inside info about failure characteristics. Maybe not. Like vehicle a/c problems, many think buying a mechanic in a can is the answer. Xmissions are in the same boat as a/c systems with their own issues not easily understood when they fail. As I see it, most xmission problems may be separated into two areas; electronics, specifically the shift solenoids or the mechanical parts. The xmission control module are like engine computers; rarely failing or needing firmware updates and reliable for the life of our cars.

To confuse you but more importantly, give you an idea of what you're attempting to work on, here are some files to look at.
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Default Re: praying to the saturn gods. uncurse my car

I read all of that. thank you. and still there is not much info on how much the programming controls. individual characteristics of clutch plates....a plate is a plate. whether used or new or thick or thin. you would think it would still move. just not perform the best.

anyway I read a lot more. and I seen on someones write up not on here that unplugging the transmission harness in the front...the one in the black pan. would eliminate the control the tcm has. although not good it may help diagnose a potential problem inside.

so id. the car would move forward in every gear on the shifter. r n d m. it wasn't first but it felt like maybe 3rd was working. needless that's enough for me to do the programming...and with the trans only being a 100 bucks at the upull I spent 3 hrs pulling it. I figure my ***** is covered either way now.

ill post back in about 2 weeks with my findings. there should be a better write up on these junk ass trans.
in all honestly a wave plate was 30$ and wasn't that bad. all in all it was around 100 bucks for parts and 40 in fluid at Walmart. (they sell the spec fluid) now that im done I know what I should of done in the first place. im sure that may make sense to some. lol. I type half backwards or id do the write up on it. if I was able to find good data in English this would of went a lot smoother.

also cobra transmissions is awesome. the only place I could find a trans filter. and it was 20 bucks. the dealer was wanting 5 hundred and some change. they were like 300 online...and all the dealer numbers are wrong. the part number they list for our trans filter is different from the 4sp trans. if you order the 500 dollar filter the will give you one for a 4sp and it wont fit. I was ordering parts according to the printouts and they would be from the 4 speed trans. the gm blow out said I had 5 clutch plates in the one gear assembly and ther was 3.this repair was a mess all the way through. you can tell they were planning on a bail out with the Saturn line up. its a shame though......switchblade silver paint. 17in steelies. over 200 hp and a 6sp. tons of bells and whistles. I guess the fluid was lifetime fluid because the trans life is 40k. this one will be sold once repaired. for the price of a 97 Honda to boot. smh (no Im not buying a Honda)s
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Default Re: praying to the saturn gods. uncurse my car

also I thought it was odd the was no ps pump. im not sure how but I believe it is controlled thru the trans somehow. when unplugging the tcm I lost power steering. so I would assume my trans flows fine. and that the tcm can shut off whatever it wants whenever it wants. and turn it on too.
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6 speed, 6t40, aura, transmission, wave pate

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