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Default 96' SL2 Sound system STORY and new system ideaR

I don't know which forum to put this in... so if you wanna move it, go ahead

Ok, I bought a Pioneer DEH-P6400 head unit, 500 watt Jensen amp, (4) Pioneer TSA-1667 3-way speaks, (1) 12" 400 watt max Rockford Fosgate Punch sub, sealed enclosure, Boss wiring kit.

Now I had never put in a sound system before. I originally put the pioneer speaks in with my father (back speaks, easy... front door speaks, pain in the fLuckin arse). I wanted more.
I got my friend to help me out, who then got his friend who has a saturn to help me out. He hooked me up with the installation kit, WHICH YOU NEED, for the head unit to fit properly. We then started putting everything together. sub in enclosure, strip wiring, etc. We definitely didn't have the right tools, so we went back to my crib and stayed up till around 3am putting everything in.

Wiring the thing was suprisingly easy, popped moldings off and snuck the wiring underneath those ****ers. to get the power cable to the battery though, we had to punch through this circular rubber thing. i could better explain it, if i remember where and what exactly it looked like, but my memory is shot! that was really cool though cuz it would been a pain to do anything else.

The head unit.... ohhhhhhhh boy. my friend who came over decided it was smart to cut the wiring harness wires...... BIG MISTAKE!!! HUGE! it wouldn't have been so bad if he had cut them higher up from the harness piece. but noooooooooo he cuts them right near the damn thing. this made things very difficult.
Anyways, we tried many-a-things to get the head unit to work after this, it would have if we didn't blow fuses.
drove my friend home and more fuses blew, due to the open wiring (yes yes we were ignorant at this point), cop comes to the car cuz we out @ 3 int he morning in a parking lot, tells me to check this and that, and in the process asks me what my name is... no comment.

wasn't a big deal, the next day i ran to radio shack and bought essentials including a cheapy brand multimeter. check the fuses, replaced blown ones, checked for power and acc wires (which i mixed up and fixed like a month later), put the sound to each speaker and checked to see which speaker wires were which. btw, i found like a week ago the color chart for this that they make for most cars (pisses me off now sorta).

did i mention i was going to a big party in maryland that day? starscape, great party. anywayz, it was like 230pm that day and my system FINALLY worked, after like 8 -12 hours of work. picked all my peoplez up, listened to the system the whole way (which was not eq'ed properly then, now it is). when were coming back from maryland, my car starts to hesitate. this blew, cuz we had no idea what was going on. we continued, and finally @ a toll booth my car started to really hesitate and about 1 min later i pulled over to the side and it was OVER. we waited to get picked up (sunday@7pm exit 4 <-i think on the nj turnpike ), went to the shop, waited longer, he said he'd check it, said i wouldnt need anything knew, just needed a charge (can you say, bull****?)
we got pretty far but obviously not enough. we ended up @ a rest stop that had a tech place in it. after waiting a ****load more time there he told me that i fried my alternator (i had 4 other people with me, which included a girl i was into at the time), not cool.

i couldn't get a new alt either, cuz they didnt have one then. so he tried to charge the battery again, which did not work @ all (i think the battery was shot too at that point hehe). he put a new battery in and we were off.

we got like 20 min away from my house by saddle river nj, and the battery completely went. cop saw us again, decided to come help and basically the whole time i was talking to my dad on direct connect (nextel is the shiznaty). i get the car towed to a place, dad drives us to my house, i borrow a car and drive everyone home. i got home @ 4am i think.

took us 16 hours to get back from maryland. now i dont know if you know how long it takes to get from NY to maryland but it shouldve only taken us 1/4 of that if i was going the speed limit.
i decided to get a high-output alternator which was the guidance of someone (i dont remember, but thank you)

they had one for my car i was mad psyched, took a while to get it installed. but my car has yet to give me probs.
funny thing is, i am getting a lot of new stuff now. im getting rid of everything but the pioneer speaks.
newer stuff that will be in my car:

Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X859 (CD/MP3) head unit

Sony xplod 4 channel 800 watt amp (75 watts rms per channel) w/ 1xStinger 1 farad digital cap
My friend is selling me a 600watt RMS amp for the sub (i think its alpine or JL, and i gotta figure out what cap im gonna use on this bad boy, prob get another one of the Stingers)

1xKicker Solobaric 15" L7 sub (ha ha ha YUMMAY!!!!)

Stinger 10ga OFC speaker wire w/ Stinger Gold plated terminals
2xStinger Hyper series 9' rca (front/rear preouts)
1xStinger Hyper series 17' rca (sub preout)
Stinger 4ga wiring kit
Stinger one 4ga to three 8ga Distribution block
a few 12v DC fans for each amp to keep circulation around them (im looking @ some ideas i saw online, gonna need a relay)
dynamat trunk kit
dynamat xtreme door kit (for two front doors)
im prob forgetting stuff i have or am getting but im just mad psyched right now cuz i have a bunch of it sitting here hehe

i was also thinking about getting a mid range speaks for the back. but i wanna see how the system sounds first then ill decide if i want the change.

yep thats my story, please feel free to post stuff about yer systems, comments, questions... whatever

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wow dude that musta ****ed a**. I bet that chick wasn't too happy LOL!

Now why did you altenator go? Was it because you had too much stuff hooked up and it was straining the power or just cause it was old? I want to install a system but I don't wanna run into the same problem :P!
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Heh.....My alt held up just dandy for the year that I had my car. Occasionally at stop lights when it wasn't really going it would slowly start to dim the lights (which got worse as time went on) But as soon as I started going again, things were just fine.
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yeah it was def too much on my alt. only puts out like 80 something amps which is @ 1600 rpm's, and 30 something @ 800 rpms. and then to have a 500 -750 watt system in there, the alt wasnt happy.
the new alt werks awesome and i just got a bunch of that stuff i listed. i am also getting an alpine cda-7894 instead of the kenwood. w00t!!
did you put in a cap or what?


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