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Old 06-09-2003, 11:23 AM   #1
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Default Interesting journey with my SC2

This ordinary 120 mile trip started out like any other, except I would not return until the following day I left Syracuse around 1:30 PM yesterday and headed to drop my girlfriend off in Watertown. We arrived in Watertown aroun 3:30 after a stop on I-81. I dropped her off at her house and conversed with her parents(which was a little like "Meet the Parents") and then headed back to Syracuse. It was around 6:00 that my guages started acting up and my radio completely crapped out, there was trouble shifting. My battery light turned on and i knew i was in for one heck of a ride. I was in Oswego making a stop at my brother's house when something i didnt know could happen; happened. I was at a stop sign and my SC2 was idling low around 1000 RPMs and my car shut off. Ive never witnessed this kind of situation before, so i called my brother and a few minutes later he arrived and we jumped 'lil bessy'. I concluded that it was not the battery but the alternater after we jumped it and then i drove another 5 miles and it died again. Obviously i was just running off the battery so i called my brother again and we jumped it again. I'm not quite sure how, but i got it to a garage, which happened to be owned by my girlfriends brother-inlaw. I ended up spending the night at my brother's and have no idea when the car will be finished as there is other thing im am having done to the satty. I am still in Oswego and I will call the garage later today to find out what kind of time frame im looking.

Thought you may enjoy this little journey of mine.
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love that alternator death.. mine was a craptastic.. one..

doing the long haul. from cornwall ontario to sudbury ontario (about 700km) somewhere in the middle the car craps out like you say.. i get to a canadian tire and ask wtf the dork said its a battery.. so i bought a new one (120bux..) then i travel like maybe another 100 or so.. thats to crap out again.. and this is around 2am in the morning... middle of the dead highway.. (no houses, just tree's and bears, mountain lions.. all the fun i kill you.. types) it totally pooped on me.. thank god i had my cell phone got a tow truck (thank god for CAA saem thing as AAA for you yankys) to towed the rest of the way to sudbury went to the canadian tire got the alernator check and it was pooched. got the manager of the canadian tire to call the other canadian tire and give the little **** punk hell for making me spend 120 on a battery when my other one was fine... hope he was fired... but problaly not.. grrr so ya.. it was a joy... being in a tow truck with a smelly fat ugly guy for 200km.. and had no music or anything of ammusement and he was one of those.. sooo where you from.. blah blah balh.. grr.. i ended up passing out i think somewhere outside of sudbury..

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Old 06-14-2003, 03:04 AM   #3
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My alternator and water pump crapped out on me at the same time a little over a year ago. It happened while I was on my way to my aunt's house about 45 minutes away from here up in Stony Point. I was driving up the Palisades Parkway, about 7 miles from Stony Point, on a hot day with the A/C on when I heard a "fwapp, fwapp, fwapp" noise coming from the engine bay. I pull over, pop the hood, and I see that part of the serpentine belt had shredded. The belt had snapped on me before, so I knew I had to get the car to a mechanic fast otherwise I'd be in deep poo-poo. Anyway, I call my mechanic brother-in-law and he tells me that it's fine and to just drive home now. I say "no dice pal, your sorry behind is coming to get me." I call my aunt, and she knew exactly where I was, and I followed her back to her house. Later on that day, my dad and bro-in-law came up there and I had my big peice of "humble pie". My bro-in-law said that if I drove the car home I would of gotten stuck on the highway, because the water pump and alternator were bad, and the belt was gonna snap any second. So then, he drove my car back home and I rode with my dad. We stopped about 15 times to put more water in the radiator because the belt snapped and the coolant drained * I also said that my bro-in-law should of just towed it down because he drives a tow-truck, but I guess that's far too easy.* By the time we got the car back to Yonkers, the alternator was completely trashed and the car wouldn't even start. Such fond summer memories.

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Old 06-14-2003, 10:15 PM   #4
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Originally posted by Sattyinsnow
it was a joy... being in a tow truck with a smelly fat ugly guy for 200km.. and had no music or anything of ammusement and he was one of those.. sooo where you from.. blah blah balh..

Isn't that an oxymoron??? aren't they all that way. Only difference here is that they are all named Bubba
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2003 VUE 2.2L

When my alternator died in the sc2 the guages went nuts, the speedo shot up to 100+ and the tach was bouning all around. It was kind of funny until I realized I was stranded
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