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Default Re: AC compressor, DCV11A to DCV14G swapout possible ?

Thanks for the quick response.

I think you are referring to the thread that I referenced inline, and yes, I didnít see any conclusion reached for line-to-compressor compatibility.

I checked the ports diameter of my DCV11A, and it matches that of the DCV14G specs on RockAut*.

The ports may differ in whether they are recessed for o-rings or not recessed for flat seals.

I have my OEM hoses and newer Four Seasons ones, both of which assume o-rings I believe. I can hunt down yard hoses if push comes to shove.

The pulley diameters and number of grooves match as well.

Mounting holes are a concern. The bracket on the suction side is flat steel and easily modified if need be. The bracket on the clutch side, not so much because it is a cast part.

Other thoughts on how using a DCV14G for a DCV11A might be a bad idea ???
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