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1996 SW2
Default AC compressor, DCV11A to DCV14G swapout possible ?

Hey folks, DCV11A’s seem to have become ‘unobtainium’. We need to talk about AC compressor interchangeability and what, if any creativity may be needed.

* My 96 SW2 DCV11A ( center suction port ) leaked at the shaft, lost its oil and has locked up.
* I have good AC tools/capability and need a solution good for at least a few years.

Poor DCV11A Availability:
* C52 went with a Four Seasons rebuilt DCV11A back in June, but that no longer seems to be an option.

* Rockaut* has nothing in DCV11As … rebuilt OR new.
* Eb*y listings are expensive, dicey, or both … unbranded, conflicting info in the listing … not encouraging.
* Amaz*n lists a rebuilt DCV11A. It allegedly works for DCV11A or DCV14A, but notes it differing from a DCV14G ( despite the listing including the OEM number for a DCV11A, 21030859 ).

I don’t are about the electrical connector, if that is the difference. I just need a compressor that will fit mechanically and work reliably, with a well-flushed system, new condenser, and new dryer.

This is C52 quoting OldNuc in the post above:
“ All of the Saturn compressors are basically identical. There are differences in the clutch assembly and the physical configuration of the suction and discharge ports, but the guts are the same. The model number differences are minor and the original breakdown of the model specs is not available AFIK.

There are actually only 2 different compressors but 4 or 5 different clutch connectors so finding a match is usually not real difficult.

There are about 5 different clutch electrical connectors so that has to match and the location of the suction port on the back end has to match. At that point they all swap.”

That last line has me thinking … go with a new DCV14G from RockAut* for $212 ???

Weigh in please, and thanks in advance !
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