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Question [2001 SL2] Losing coolant, but only when A/C is running?

I have a 2001 SL2 that I've been having coolant issues with.

First I had the water pump replaced, then still had issues so the shop found out that the radiator fan wasn't coming on, so the fan was replaced. Then there was still leaking, and the shop found the leak on the intake manifold and fixed it. New coolant cap has been installed as well.

I drove the car for a few days and was still losing coolant. Refilled it again, and on a hunch drove without the A/C and surprisingly now there is no coolant loss. Why would I lose coolant when the A/C is running?

One thing that I've noticed is that although the A/C is blowing cold, the A/C clutch is never disengaging and instead it's always on instead of cycling. I don't know what that means. It spins freely when I move it manually, so it's not stuck.

The only other thing I've seen suggested is
  • replacing ECTS
  • Checking relays
  • "Bar's Leaks Radiator Stop Leak Tablets"

When I first had the car in, my temperature gauge went up appropriately as my coolant levels dropped, and now hover between 1/4 and 1/2 with the mostly full reservoir, so it's not likely the ECTS right? If it was working a week ago, it's probably still working today I imagine?

Any thoughts?
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