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Default Re: Winterizing and restoring my car

I have a 92 and 94 SL2. I use the spots between the E-brake for cup holders. Heard from some its not a good idea...but seeing as we've been doing it for the past 15 or so years and nothing horrible happened...i continue too. lol

To clean the carpet, i would take the seats and trim out, hose and shampoo the carpet, let it dry and put it back in.

Headliner i would wait until it falls a little more, and take it out and redo it. Cost me around $30 to do it in my 97' Sc1. And $5 in the 94'. (I found a nicely redone headliner at the junkyard)

Oh and the door panels...good luck. Both driver side ones on the 92 and 94 are almost in half. Been to the junkyard few times and 99.9% are broke, or have manual windows and wrong color. lol (power windows in both 92 and 94)

As for the body...the most i know about it the car to a body shop and pay them. :P
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