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2001 L-Series 3.0L Sedan
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Perhaps you are right on this. Year variations could have factor here. I count you lucky because I was trying to figure out how or why the Transmission fluid would even be piped into the radiator.

Then I remembered that I don't have basic auto-mechanics understanding or experience other than this vehicle so far in existence.

Thank you for describing what I would/likely to be up against with the engine not running (that makes sense) and then how I can plug the hole with a rag.

Much appreciated!

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Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
I don't recall removing the upper xmission line when replacing the lower radiator hose. (perhaps our engines aren't configured alike for each model year?) With the engine not running, xmission fluid isn't pumped so the upper line may drain from gravity, leaving little oil up there. At the least, very little oil may leak out but gravity will prevent any large amounts from draining. If you have to disconnect the line, have a napkin or thin rag available to plug the line and radiator port.

I do recall having a difficult time removing the spring clamp on the radiator hose on the engine outlet. I used whatever pliers fit. Your spring clamp tool may make removal easier.
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