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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: Hello! New Astra owner with a couple questions..

Originally Posted by tackepj View Post
Just a quick note on the brakes. I just did the rears on mine (pads and rotors) and it was a pretty quick job, but in case you don't already have it the Lisle model 28600 piston retractor tool was a real help. Can't really get a C-clamp in there easily because of the handbrake parts on the back of the caliper, and the tool was only about 10 bucks. Also, the weird-o Torx E18 bolts on the mounting bracket worked perfectly with a 9/16" 12-point wrench.
Thanks for the tip! I have a nice full set of torx and e-torx so those won't be an issue. Also have a full brake too kit to retract those pistons. I'm replacing wheel bearings in the rear at the same time. One of them back there is on the way out.
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