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Default Re: Hello! New Astra owner with a couple questions..

Interesting... I don't think anyone here ever got that clock out of military time format. If you have a dealer update / adjust any firmware, you might look for a former Saturn dealer that he has recently worked on an Astra, rather than a random GM dealer. The reason is that (some) the Tech II work MIGHT (or NOT) require some additional European software install. This Astra video series by Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics gives you an idea of the extra software that the dealer might need:

The leaking valve cover gasket is a common problem. One popular "similar" problem in that area is a torn PCV flap; that is incorporated inside the valve cover. Somebody sells replacement PCV flap kits, but the valve cover plastics are pretty brittle from heat & oil so a new valve cover might be a better option, if your PCV flap is broken.

Great news the timing belt was recently replaced.

Here are a couple of interesting Android installs

Somebody (Russian?) put the factory screen in the roof panel and an android screen in the dash; can't find that video or posting, unfortunately.
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