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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: Hello! New Astra owner with a couple questions..

I did replace the air filter already. Ordered it when I bought the oil and cabin air filter. The accessory belt is on order and will be replaced when I do the water pump. Brake fluid will be changed as well when I do the brakes once the rotors arrive and pads.

Forgot to mention the timing belt was done already at 76k miles, so that's got a bit longer still. I did take off the inspection cover to look and verified it's not oem, it's a Gates. I'll pick up some plugs for it.

Also I'll be replacing the valve cover gasket as there's some oil seeping out around it.

Thanks for the reply! I did search last night and digging through I found a couple answers. Clock can be set still with the Connects2 via the settings menu which once connected is accessible through the steering wheel buttons.

The time is in 24h but is changeable to 12h at a dealership using the tech stream software. Seems like a simple option that should have been user accessible to me...
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