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2008 Astra XR
Default Hello! New Astra owner with a couple questions..

Hello! I just purchased a Saturn Astra 3 door XR (113,000 miles) for my son as his first car. Of course the salesman tried to scare me away from the defunct car company (Saturn) and a one model year only car, but I did my own research and know that there's parts available and really it is a global platform that has been around for years...

Anyways it's a silver 3 door XR. I've already replaced the antenna base (weather seal was cracked up, no leaking yet but wanted it done) and fixed a few minor things in the interior. Outside and underside of the car are nearly pristine and I cannot find a speck of rust on it anywhere. I went ahead and did an oil change (filter was worst I've ever seen, collapsed and clogged. No telling when it was last done) and Pulled the wheels to check all the brakes/joints and bushings. All are in good condition, but the rotors are grooved and service history does say the front rotors were turned once in the cars life so far, so I've already ordered a full set of rotors/pads for it. The cabin air filter had a date on it of 11/20/2007 and was nearly plugged completely with dirt and leaves. A few minutes with a brush and vacuum got the housing cleaned out and a bit of weird contorting of my body I was able to get a new one in place. Next on my list is a water pump replacement. Current one seems to be leaking out the weep hole and throwing Dexcool onto the underside of the hood via the AC compressor. While I'm there I'll put new hoses on (that was a expense greater than expected, but the OEM ones look ok, but they're old and still have a factory spring retainers everywhere but at the thermostat housing (looks to have been replaced fairly recently). So anyways, the car is in good hands and I'm trying to get everything set as new for him as a good baseline to do his own maintenance on.

The question I have involves the DIC. I have ordered a Connects2 for the car to retain the steering wheel controls as I am installing a Pioneer double DIN head unit so he can use his Apple Carplay in it. The "Settings" button on which you access the clock settings and a few other things is located on the CDC40 panel which will be removed to put in the trim ring and head unit I'm installing. Once removed, how does one set the clock there (also does it only always display in 24h, not 12h mode? Haven't found a setting for that) or will it simply no longer display? Will the temperature still be available on the DIC with the Connects2 adapter?

Thanks in advance!
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