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Default Does a gen3 front bumper cover fit a gen2?

My gen2 1998 SL2's front bumper cover has enough scuffs on it that I have been keeping an eye out for one in good condition and the same colour at my local u-pull autowrecker, and while I have not seen one arrive in over a year, they did just get in a gen3 2000 SL2 in the same colour and so I am wondering if:

1) Would a gen3 2000 SL2 front bumper cover fit my gen2 1998 SL2 (bolt up, mate with the bumper internals, and have its panel edges/curves mate to existing panels)?

2) Does anyone know if it will be noticeable aesthetically (both cars have a moulded in horizontal groove about 1 foot above the ground, and while the gen3 groove is deeper than the gen2 groove I am not sure if the difference would be noticeable or not being as the bumper cover's groove is short and separated from the continuation of the car's line by the front wheel)?

The 2nd question is clearly very subjective, but my complete lack of fashion sense means I can never tell what something looks like until it is finished, and so any opinions are appreciated, especially if you have tried or seen this already.
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