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Default Re: Questions about Partial Rebuild

Originally Posted by sallydriver View Post
I'm on the fence about the clutch, mainly because of funding. I'll probably end up shelling out the bucks.
I totally understand. If you have more time than money, you can put the old clutch back in there. Just take it easy on the clutch and be prepared for the tranny-only R&R clutch replair.

I've driven an SL2 with a 3rd-gen clutch, and hated the feel. Felt like the pedal hardly came off the floor. Is this going to feel like that?
Lots of variables to the clutch pedal level on these cars. Thrust bearing wear, flywheel thickness, clutch disk wear, type and age of pressure plate, fork/pivot ball geometry, volumetric dimensions of the haydraulic system. I would recommend staying away from the 3rd gen pressure plate. It had a different design to reduse pedal effort that gives it a wimpy feel. Go with a clutch spec for a 2nd gen car. (pre-2000)

What brand of clutch hydraulics is recommended? The metal shaft popped out of the slave cylinder, but I pushed it back in so as to not lose it. I'm assuming that means replacement?
Just to shaft popping out should not be a problem. As long as the slave cyl piston has remained in place and sealed, you should be fine. Try to keep the slave cyl down below the level of the MC, and even prop or bungee up the clutch pedal to make sure nobody pushes the pedal down while the slave is unattached.

I would recommend you stick with a stock Luk clutch at this point. Your SOHC motor will probably max out at 100hp... and I have seen no documented cases of a stock clutch being toasted with a stock SOHC motor. If you really end up chasing boost with this motor, I would change out the clutch/flywheel when (and if) it becomes a problem. cost/effort to boost a S-series SOHC = 10x> clutch swap.

If you are sure (beyond any doubt) that you will be building a boosted SOHC motor, you might just leave the existing clutch in there, and start bank-rolling the funds for that project. Better to have a nice running boosted S-series, that needs a clutch.... Than run out of funds and have your car apart, undrivable, with a brand new stage-3 clutch sitting there doing nothing.

Be prepared for a lack of encouragement for that project here. I, personally like the SOHC motors and would love to see a project like this done well. There are just tons of folks posting here (over time) claiming to "turbo my SL1", and very few (if any) ever produce any real progress or results.
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