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Default Re: Questions about Partial Rebuild

The pump cover or the bypass filter? Pump cover is easy to acquire via ebay or maybe ShawnV, but not real fun to dig out in a junkyard.

The bypass system is here - thread's a little longer than I was intending. If you are already running Amsoil it might be a pretty decent idea.

I'd leave the current flywheel in place until clutch replacement, just remember that it is not ideal to use a stock 93 flywheel with a new clutch.

Disassemble and clean all lifters at a minimum. A valve job and new seals would be nice but that will run you ~$250. Lifter cleaning is free. Make sure they go back in the same hole they came from. This can be considered optional if there are currently no problems and you are afraid to mess with them. Keeping track of all the little pieces in a DOHC head is a challenge.
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