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Default Re: Questions about Partial Rebuild

There are several detailed build threads here, so i will not try to duplicate them.

More general answers to a couple of your questions..

I have built several engines, just not a saturn, yet (full disclaimer)...

Even most experienced engine builders will rely on their machine shop to spec out their block cylenders, crank and rods to see if they are within spec or need to be bored(block), reground(crank), resized(rods).

It seems that most saturn 1.9 motor rebuilds here can get away withought being bored oversize. They have a pretty hard steel cyl sleeve. A fresh hone on the cyl walls is probably all you will need, but its better to check.

If your crank is out of spec, you will either need to regrind it, or just replace it. If you regrind, then you get undersized bearings to compensate for the smaller journals. If its within spec, just replace the bearings with standard size.

Rods can go out-of-round or can get off-square. I know the 3rd gen rods cannot be resized due to the way they are machined. Not sure about earlier rods. Get yours checked. I think they are usually re-usable, for the most part.

Bottom line... I kind of don't like the idea of a "partial" rebuild. If you have the motor this far apart.... you are doing a full rebuild. You can re-use many parts if they are within spec, but you are still doing a full rebuild.

There is a lot of labor involved in a rebuild. Cutting corners is a big gamble. You might get away with something (like re-useing an old oil pump), but is saving $40 worth reducing the life of your new motor by 20% ??
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