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Default Questions about Partial Rebuild

I am currently trying to get my second Satty running. Actually, the engine runs fine, but the tranny is out right now, and I'd rather do work now. Has 234,000 miles, and I don't have a service history on it.

It's a '93 SW2, and I want to switch it to a 3rd-gen crank, but I'm having second thoughts.

First, is it worth it to switch? This car WILL eventually be raced, and probably even turbo'd in the future (don't give me all the 'It's not worth it' stuff. Been wanting to do this for a couple years simply because I can), but does it need the more-balanced crank? If I switch, I'll be getting the tie plate and oil pan also.

Second, I am planning on re-ringing the pistons. What would be the signs that an overbore is required? Also, what brand of rings are recommended? only lists Sealed Power and DNJ.

Oil Pump Repair Kit - DNJ or Sealed Power?

Things I WILL be doing:

Valve Cover Gasket
Front Crankshaft Seal
Rear " "
Both Output Shaft Seals
Head Gasket
Timing Set
Spark Plugs and Wires
Paint Engine Block and Transmission housing white to match body paint using Engine Paint

If I switch cranks, I'd replace Main Bearings as well. What size would I need?

Should I pull the crank and replace bearings and get a regrind regardless?

How do I tell if a hone is required?

I was planning to drill the oil control rings per OldNuc here. But we will be running Amsoil Signature Series. My DD runs on the same stuff and has for over 10,000 miles and doesn't burn a bit. Is drilling necessary?

Sorry for all the rookie questions, but I bought this second car to learn on, hence the questions.
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