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Default Re: Turbo Saturn build

Originally Posted by fetchitfido View Post
I'm not sure which is the overall stronger crankshaft, but the heavier one is better balanced (smoother running) and can "pointlessly" rev higher.
"Pointlessly" because there's a steep power dropoff after 6300rpm so the only benefit is either being higher in the power band for the next gear or faster lap times from not shifting.

I think I'd run the heavier one anyway. It'll help on take off similar to a heavier flywheel, and you ought to find a 3rd gen DOHC anyway to take the lower block brace and windage tray to swap onto whatever block you end up using to rebuild. I believe any of the connecting rods are compatible with any of the crankshafts, it's only the rods & pistons that you have to worry about.
Thank you, Much appreciated I'm going to be running a light weight flywheel is that a bad idea? Or will that help?
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