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Default Re: 2005 l300 occasionally does not start

We experience the exact same possession. What we know and identify is if the security light is blinking we have to turn the Key to the ON position and sit for 10 minutes and it will turn off and then the car will start.

This normally only happens when I get into the drivers seat. If I crank on the steering wheel while getting in the drivers seat, the security light will go ON every time. Some how some way the Saturn believes I am a thief and it security locks me out. Not an issue in the summer, but in the Winter it's a real pain in the rss!

There is a work around, but since I learned how to gingerly get into the drivers seat, it isn't a common occurrence. The work around is to get at the wiring inside by the key switch, disconnect the Orange wire and add a resistor to ground. This advice might not be correct, but it is on YT. The key is a resistor and the resistance is measured for security. If the resistance is not what it had been learned to be, the security light fires and the engine will not start. We sometimes have trouble with the key fitting and inserting without moving the steering wheel a bit... and I suspect this plays a role in setting off the security phantom too!

You've spent enough money! Time to get exorcise the demons!

PS if the security lock is not the problem, I would replace the Crank Position Sensor (CPS) It is cheap and easy to replace. Sometimes these are intermittent. I had one that died while idling for a few weeks before it stopped working altogether and then the engine wouldn't start.
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