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Default Re: Would you buy an Opel Astra grille from Alibaba?

Originally Posted by JFS View Post
I agree with AstraFasta.

No track of part pedigree with Alibaba.

No to Jack Ma. My second least favorite guy named Jack. IM me and I'll Twitter you back who.....Dang, just gave it away.

Yes to some banger & mash eater in the UK. There seem to be Opel and Vauxhall both available

You may find many parts available on the German and other European EBays, but stick to the Brits. You will encounter some insane shipping and fees from the continent, but not the UK. I've gotten an alternator, springs/struts in 7-12 days, smaller parts from 4-8 days usually.
Got the grille from the Lithuanian dudes. First grille came in four days with the bottom lower tab busted off. You can blame TNT Worldwide Express for that. I emailed the seller and they sent me out another one F.O.C., when I offered, they didn't even want the first grille back. The second grille was delivered four days later unscathed.

The quality and fit of this aftermarket grille is good. It is not up to the level of OEM and will probably not last as long, but I am satisfied. A good ending to a story buying from a man that I will never meet and from a land that I will never visit.

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