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Default Dash shows Engine running at reduced power and running rough

Hello Saturn Nation!!!
I have a 2009 Saturn Outlook XE with 130k miles on it. The other night, when I got back from a 2 hour drive from LA, I got back in the vehicle after turning it off for about 20 minutes to drive home from the office.
Once it started, I could tell the engine was not running as usual. Then I see the dash shows the Indicator: Engine running at reduce power". Then the engine light came on. I noticed smoke coming from the exhaust which it has never done before.
I stopped it Immediately because. It was a gas smell to the smoke.
I carry a code reader which I hooked up to it.
It shows 6 codes:
P0305 - Cyl 5 misfire
P0303 - Cyl 3 misfire
P0300 - Random Multiple Cyl misfire
P0301 - Cyl 1 misfire
P0089 - Fuel pressure regulator Performance
P0087 - Fuel Rail/System Pressure too low

The list above is in reverse order 1 thru 6 from the code reader.
I started the vehicle back up and the engine light was blinking. Let it run for a bit and the engine seemed to run fine again, but I had to make it home. So I figured if it started acting up again, I would pull over and just have it towed home. I made it home with no issues. Started it up after a day of letting it sit and it starts and runs fine.

What could be the cause?
Which side of the 3.6 motor in these is bank 1, 3, and 5?
Should I add some Injector cleaner to the next fuel up?
Or should I just take it to a shop to have this repaired?
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