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Default Re: Steps to take manual XR transmission out

Thanks for the responses, sorry I haven't been checking this.

As it turns out my 16yr old is pretty industrious and has a lot of energy, I just supplied the garage, tools and parts and he did everything. I have quite a bit of tools since I was a tool and die maker and also work on my own cars. I ended up having to buy a full set of impact tools from Harbor Freight and a the Ryobi impact driver which matched all the Ryobi batteries I already had.

He did everything as listed by RobD1517 and ended up taking off the tie rod ends also, at 100k we replaced both tie rod ends from Amazon. In taking off the subframe 2-4 of the frame parts that lock the nuts in place broke off, getting them to unscrew was a major pain. To reassemble he went to a good auto parts store and bought all new nuts and bolts for the subframe and used blue locktite on them. The Haynes manual had come by then so he used the torque specs to tighten everything up. Also, one of the steering linkage long M12 x 1.75 screws with a nut on the end was in really bad shape as well as the smaller M8 stainless steel screw and they are impossible to find. I was able to find replacements at McMaster Carr and for the M8 which has a special tip he just screwed a zinc plated regular one back in and it appeared to work. Also, 2 of the 3 exhaust screws broke off: One he broke an easy out in and we've yet to get that one out and the other we are going to just retap when we get around to it. He completed installing everything on 8/20/17 at 1am except the exhaust and had to try it out , remember those days when you were young and had energy all night. So he drove the car around and everything worked perfectly, he even said it shifted like a brand new car. Without the exhaust it actually doesn't sound bad around town, just like a Civic with a baffle on the exhaust.
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