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Default Re: Steps to take manual XR transmission out

Ok well I would have thought someone would have too.

I didn't do the work. A little over a year and half ago I bought my Astra needing a new clutch. The shop was well experienced with European cars. What they did was drop the exhaust, steering rack, shift linkage, pull the axles out of the housing. Took the whole transmission out from under the car. Obviously they had a lift for the transmission and the car.

Can't say whether they had an easy time of it or whether this was the right way or only way to do the transmission.

There was a problem with the steering alignment after it all went back together. Shouldn't, in theory have been a problem, but something moved, as the steering wheel wasn't level anymore.

Clutch was a bit of a problem as well for quit a long time, judder or hop in 1st from a stop. It was an after market clutch and pressure plate, so maybe loading or friction material were an issue. Its since settled down.

Hope this is helpful.
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