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Default New GM ad shows the Saturn Flextreme

Did anyone else catch that during the opening games? It was during the Parade of Nations, IIRC. I'm working on getting it transferred over to the computer (can't get the sound to work for some reason?) and I can't find it on YouTube.

It was a full GM all-brand ad, it showed a bluestone Sky about midway through, and then almost at the end was a very clear clip of the Flextreme concept.

There was another neat Chevy ad that showed a service station starting in the early days of cars and evolving through the years, finally into the 'station of the future' - a green field, with a Volt concept sitting in it and something like "planned release 2010" while it talked about being able to go 40 miles before it needed any gas.

I'm thinking more and more that I want a Volt as my next car.
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