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Default Re: How to - Camshaft actuator(phaser)/sprocket replacement

Originally Posted by velocast View Post
Thank you for your efforts and informative article. It helps to make life easy. I got one copy all ready. Thanks!

The rattle noise is a well know problem on the Ecotec Z18XER. Because an engine has too many moving parts, it is hard know exactly where the noise is coming from. Here is the breakdown:

1) Cam position sensor (electrical)
2) Cam actuator solenoid (electromagnetic valve)
3) Cam actuator phaser (hydraulic)

The cam position sensor sends information to the computer. The cam actuator solenoid receives signal from the computer, and then feeds oil to the cam actuator phaser. Inside the cam actuator phaser there is a rotor. If you add oil to one side of the rotor's lobe, and remove it from the other side the rotor moves advancing, or retarding the camshaft.

TROUBLESHOOTING: If the rattle noise is coming accompanied by code P0011, P0016, or some other related codes, it must be the camshaft actuator phaser.

NOTE: I forget to mention another important part that is not related to the problem but may need to be replaced.
4) Crankshaft position sensor (electrical)
The crankshaft position sensor, and the camshaft position sensor control the ignition timing. They send signals to the computer to let know when to inject fuel, and spark firing.
Thanks for additional feedback Velocast. It would good to add these for a bit more clarification.

I vary with you on the P0016 always being camshaft actuator phaser related however, at least directly. A defective camshaft actuator solenoid and/or it's clogging of the two orange screens can cause the same DTC, however it's indirectly impacting the phaser via this issue. I think it's important to rule this out prior to going straight to replacing the phaser assembly itself, which hopefully people will do. Thanks.
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