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2004 VUE Red Line
Default Re: What kind of speakers will fit in my 2005 Vue?

A true 6.5" (read: oversized 6.5) like the Kicker DS650 would work. A 6" speaker will be slightly too small and require a mounting adapter.

Aftermarket components will work, but you will have to mount the crossover and they won't sound as good due to lacking the necessary power to drive them. Aftermarket radios tend to put out 6-7 watts RMS cleanly, with a JVC being closer to the 6-5 watts range. Most factory radios can do 4-6 RMS cleanly. By contrast, aftermarket 4 channel amplifiers tend to do 50 RMS or more cleanly in a decent amp.

Point is, a set of component speakers will be designed for WAY more power than you're able to provide. Save yourself the trouble and buy coaxial speakers that are designed for less power and they will sound better. Higher end speakers only sound better when you put in higher end power to give them.

For example, at work people routinely won't listen to us and will purchase expensive speakers (sometime components) because they/their boy thinks they know better. Those cars leave sounding like crap, and they typically come back with blown speakers, hurting wallets, and are more willing to listen to us the second time around. By contrast, in my girlfriend's old car I had a basic set of Kenwood coaxs running off her deck, and a cheap sub/amp - that car sounded GOOD. It was very well balanced, and was only running 2 speakers and a cheap sub, the whole system was worth under $400 retail but sounded better than guys who have put well over a grand into their setups. It wasn't the loudest system on the block, but it wasn't lacking in volume either.

So yeah, go get the good deal on the coaxs, they're better suited for a more mundane non-amplified system.
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