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Default Re: Intermittent long crank times when cold?

I've got a very similar start-up issue with my 1999 SL1.

After changing the ECTS (was the old, cracked resin type), plugs (they were nasty), plug wires, and front O2 would rarely start on the first crank. Typically the second key turn would work. But sometimes a third was needed.

I think all the extra cranking took a toll on the starter, because it died. Luckilly I knew about giving it a whack to force a little more life into it. After replacing the starter things maybe improved a little. But two cranks were generally needed.

Then I finally got around to changing the intake manifold gasket. (thanks to the member who shared the helped a ton) It had been idling rough and sure enough it had the bad robot wrinkle. I also cleaned the injectors since they had to be removed.

Today, it sometimes fires on the first key turn after about two seconds. But it always fires on the second. After searching the forums I ran across a suggestion (sorry I do not recall from whom) to turn the key to ON (not crank it to start) until the gauges stop their chattering, then turn to OFF. Then back to ON until the Wrench Service light goes off. As soon as the wrench light goes off, crank the key...and it starts just like it should within one second.

I suspect the fuel filter (which contains the pressure regulator) needs to be replaced. Once I get around to that, I will share the results.
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