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1997 SL2
1997 SL2
Default Slight hiccup/stumble while accelerating under load

Drove my wife's '97 SL2 (133k miles) last night and found that it stumbled while lightly accelerating under load. Like when driving in town, 35-40mph, 5th gear, 1200rpm, and giving it the gas it would stumble once or twice while speeding up. Seemed to be prominant when bogged down/ low RPM load.
It has been a while since any work was done on this car. What should I be tackling here first? EGR? ECTS? Plugs & wires? Fuel filter?

One other thing is that for a long time (1yr.+) the car had the check engine light on due to a bad converter (I think that's what the code was). Wouldn't you know I just ordered and received a new cat 2 weeks ago and the light had gone out.

Thanks for all ideas.
Steve H.
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