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2004 VUE 3.0L
2005 VUE 2.2L
Question 3.0 L61 Engine problem ( Ignition or Fuel)

Hello there again,

have a problem with VUE 3.0 2002 L61

have an engine problem in Ignition or Fuel system
1. cold engine RUN 80% times all ok
2. hot(normal) engine RUN 100% incomplete for 2-10 attempt before RUN normal
( Video is here:

3. Cold RUN normal drive , after drive some times have errors:
system too lean bank1 and bank2 , then rundom misfire in cylinders, and Idle too higher than expected

4. when park(P) with idle engine run I have a high and high Idle RPM , but if choose drive (D) Idle back to normal. as same as make clear errors in ECU..

What do U think about ?
help me to resole this please

(screens is here:

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