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Question 2003 Saturn Ion Turns over but doesn't start

Hi folks, I hoping you can help me figure out what wrong with my son's 2003 Ion.
He says that he drove over a large bump in the road and that the car died. When he went to try and restart it, it just turned over, but wouldn't start.
I went to go look at it, and when I tried to start it the battery was dead (it was a 3 year old refurb battery). I replaced the battery and tried to start the car again. I thought it wasn't even turning over and pulled the starter off thinking that it was the problem. We took the starter to the parts store and it passed their check machine. I finally looked in the right spot, and the starter is turning the engine over (Yes I'm an ID10T). At this point I have exhausted my limited auto repair skills and have NO IDEA why it's not starting.

What am I missing?
Where should I look next?
Is there a fuel pump cut-off switch like some Fords have?

Please help, and thank you,
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