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Question 99 Saturn SL1 Airbag Module Reset SRS ECU Help!

I recently did something really stupid. I thought I was in reverse and gunned it forward into a curb at a gas station. Both airbags deployed. I went and purchased both replacement airbags. I don't know what to do about the SRS airbag module. How do you reset it? I tried d/c the neg battery cable, and the light is still on.. I have a few questions, and I'd appreciate some helpful answers here. Are there any potential hazards installing new airbags without replacing / fixing the SRS Module that has crash data in it? Could the new airbags deploy because of previous information stored in the Module? I'd like to at least take care of what I can since I have the airbags now. Will my airbag light shut off after I install the new airbags ( without having replaced the SRS module ). How do I reset the SRS Module? If I buy an old module that doesn't have crash data on it, can I install that without needing to have it programmed? And is there any specific order I should be taking in the Airbag system replacement? should it all be done in one shot or can I do the airbags before I do the Module?
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