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Default Re: Strange P0300 occurrence

> if swapping the coils refreshed the connections

Not unlikely. My experience with these ignitions is limited, but there
are hints of temperamental ops or subtleties yet-unexplained.
Given Fetch's comment, I would suggest a spare module+coil+wire
assembly (with 4 fasteners) for 'insurance' on 'longer runs'....


re Celebrity module heat fail--

During early 80s I operated one of about ten (1-ton) Ford trucks in a lines construction job. Gradually, each truck suffered ignition module failures, some initially intermittent. Mine finally gave out late Friday afternoon, in
late February, after a two week cold spell.... In each case, the new
replacement modules worked without failure.

An acquaintance worked at a local airport car rental shop, cleaning the
vehicles between use(1980s). Concerning the new under-hood electronics, she commented, "I wouldn't trust those cars even to drive to the deli!"
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