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Default Re: Strange P0300 occurrence

One more post then I'm done with this car today. New wires did little to help. I did a resistance check on them and they were within specs but I figured 14 year old wires should be changed.

Once again while watching the engine shake I noticed it was a steady shake. Like it was the same cylinder or cylinders misfiring steadily. So I dug out my old Craftsman (purchased in the late 70's) timing light. It turns out there is no spark in the 2 middle cylinders. Both of those wires come out of the same coil, the one to the right facing front of the vehicle. The 2 outside cylinders have steady sparks those wires come out of the left coil.

I've never dealt with coil packs or electronic ignition in general other than changing plugs and wires. Is it safe to assume the coil packs should be changed? Are there other things to look at first that control the packs?

I see coils are not expensive so replacing them both is no financial problem.
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